At the end of April Alys turned three! We had a quiet and relaxed day with lots of yummy food and a walk in the Pembrokeshire countryside as a family.

At three:

// Alys is a very friendly and sociable little girl. She doesn’t lack confidence when it comes to new experiences or people but she is also really good at imaginative play by herself. She is my tiny shadow at home and loves to keep an eye on what I’m up to, and is always ready for a cuddle.

// her speech has come on a lot in the last year, and she can generally communicate whatever she wants. She has always developed her physical skills quicker and is quite fearless when it comes to running, jumping and climbing. The only time she is still is when she’s asleep or watching TV!

// she loves anything Peppa Pig related, the Magic School Bus, and playing with cars, trains and Happy Land figurines.

// she loves, loves, loves her sisters and so always so happy when Ivy gets home from school. They play so nicely together now which is a joy. She wants to do everything her older sister does which certainly helps with her confidence!

// Alys has never slept well and if she sleeps through the night it is a cause for celebration! Most of the time she’s just up once or twice, but occasionally she’ll go through stages of being up several times a night for no apparent reason.

// she has been potty trained for a few months and is mostly dry at night too.

// she loves food and will eat most things without a fuss. She prefers fruit and vegetables to carbs or meat, and her favourite foods are satsumas, tomatoes, grapes and peas.

Happy Birthday sweet girl – you are so loved!

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