These are the days // A day at five months

I try to keep track of milestones for all our children and something I have done for both the older girls is record ‘a day at five months’, writing down everything we did on a random day during their fifth month. It’s really nice to look back and see what we were up to at that point in life and how things have changed (or not!).

I randomly picked a day to record for Gwennan but it turned out to be a good choice;  we had a quiet day at home, the weather was great, and everyone was in a good mood! We don’t really have a set routine through the week so this isn’t necessarily a typical day. Sometimes we’ll be out and about more, or Josh will be able to spend more time with us but for now this was a random Tuesday in February 2018 for a stay at home mum of three:

6am: Gwennan wakes for a feed for about twenty minutes and then goes back to sleep. I doze until Ivy wakes up and comes into our room.

7.30am: I go downstairs and get Ivy’s breakfast and have a cup of tea and some cereal.

8.15am: The other girls wake up. I bring them downstairs, get Alys’ breakfast and then get Ivy dressed for school.

8.30am: Josh watches the girls while I grab a five minute shower. He doesn’t have to be at his first work thing (an assembly) until 9.10am so I am able to leave the youngest two with him while I do a rainy school run at 8.45am. I enjoy the peaceful five minute walk back in the fresh air.

9.10am: Alys watches a bit of TV in our bed while I feed Gwennan.

9.30am: I get Alys dressed and we play in her room for a bit.

10am: I put Gwen down for a nap and then play/do chores upstairs.

11am: We have a snack downstairs, and Gwen wakes up.

11.30am: I change Gwen’s clothes and feed her again followed by cleaning the kitchen while Alys does some colouring.

12.10pm: Josh has been working from home for a few hours so he makes lunch for Alys while I finish loading the dishwasher and put on the washing machine, then I have lunch at 12.30pm.

1pm: Josh goes out to a meeting and I start getting the girls ready to go out but it takes me a good half an hour to make sure everyone is sorted! We head to the park and then I put Alys in the pram and go for a walk down the country lanes to try and get them both to nap. Gwen sleeps but Alys doesn’t. We have just enough time to go back to the park before the school run and Gwennan goes on the swings for the first time.

3.20pm: I pick Ivy up from school and the girls have a snack.

4pm: I start cooking tea (cottage pie) and the girls play with balloons and other toys in the kitchen and then watch twenty minutes of TV at 5pm while the food is in the oven and I clean the kitchen.

5.30pm: We have tea and as it’s shrove Tuesday we make pancakes for pudding.

6.15pm: Josh gets the older girls ready for bed while I clear up from tea. Then I feed Gwen and settle her down to sleep.

7pm: Josh has to go out for a meeting so I do some life-admin and watch a film in the evening. I’ve got a huge to-do list but I was feeling exhausted by that point! Ivy doesn’t settle so I go and snuggle with her for a bit – she finally settles about 8pm.

9.30pm: Josh gets back from his meeting so we chat, I feed the baby and try to settle her and we finally get to sleep about 10.30pm.

Although this might not seem like the most interesting day by writing it down it struck me how lovely the girls were all day and what a nice time we had. I’m quick to dwell on the negatives when I’m tired and the work load seems never ending but really I should be cherishing these days while my little ones are small.

I also made a little video of our day as we all (especially the girls!) love watching them back. Enjoy!

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