September & October Round-up

It seems like it’s been a long two months since I did one of these round-ups and the summer holidays are a distant memory! I’m finding it hard to even remember what we have been up to, so I’ll use my calendar to try and share some highlights!

// We enjoyed the summer holidays but I was happy for the kids to go back to school (the last week of the holidays was rough!) and for us to regain some routine. Alys has now started going to school in the afternoons and all day on Friday and it has made a huge difference to me having a couple of hours free every day when Gwennan sleeps and a whole day on Friday! I have been gradually working out a new routine and I’m generally really enjoying it. Both the girls seem happy to be in school.

// We have been really busy with work, especially with the many harvest services that Josh was involved in! We hosted one harvest lunch at our house, and we’ve had various other social events here too.

// We also managed to get out and about a bit in our free time to enjoy the autumn sunshine. This is my favourite time of year (I say that about spring too!)

// Ivy turned six!

// We’re finishing off the month with a few (much needed) days away over half term. We’re all really tired due to a combination of busyness and sleep deprivation, and we’ve all had coughs and colds. We haven’t really left Pembrokeshire since Easter so it will be nice just to leave work behind and try to relax and for Josh and I to actually spend some time together!

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