Review // The Family Kitchen Cookbook

When it comes to meal planning in our house I try to be as creative and healthy as possible. However, as much as I like to experiment in the kitchen a busy family life, a fussy toddler and a newborn mean that my cooking repertoire is often quite limited and I’m left scratching my head thinking of things to cook when writing a shopping list.

I don’t know about you but I tend to shy away from recipes when they have some weird ingredient or take ages to make. It’s okay for a special occasion but they don’t make it onto our list of weekly meals. During a recent decluttering binge I got rid of a load of my cookery books because I just never used them; unless I used their recipes regularly it was gone.

A couple of Christmases ago my parents-in-law gave me a recipe book that certainly didn’t go in the decluttering pile…in fact I use it so much that it sits on my counter top (a very great honour!).

The Family Kitchen Cookbook by Caroline Bretherton contains recipe after recipe that makes you think ‘oh! I could cook that’. It has sections on food for babies and toddlers, family meals, easy entertaining, food to go, baking and cooking with kids.

It’s an amazing resource to flick through when meal planning for a family because it’s filled with ideas and is helpfully separated into sections for vegetables, rice/pasta and different types of meat. The recipes all seem achievable for a busy family too (there aren’t many weird ingredients needed).

I especially love the section on feeding fussy toddlers. As a mother of a child who thinks white bread and cake are a balanced diet it’s been helpful to get some ideas of things she would like to eat…and she has enjoyed many of the things we’ve made.

If you want a good value family cook book that you will use again and again I can’t recommend the Family Kitchen Cookbook highly enough.

Happy cooking!

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