Review // Foldable Table Tent

Like most kids my children love to make dens, hiding away from the world and making a cosy place where they can read and play make-believe. We often make forts in our play room, but it seems like every few minutes the blankets fall (or are pulled) down and I have to spend time putting it all back up again.

After a while of this I decided to look for a more permanent option, but we just don’t have the space for a tent or tipi to be kept erected all the time. Then I saw an idea on Pinterest for a fabric tent which is made to fit over a table, but can be folded away when not in use. I considered making it myself but knew it would end up on the bottom of my to-do list for years, so I asked Pati from HeartsnButtons to make a bespoke tent to fit exactly over our dining room table.

I was able to describe exactly the design I wanted and Pati did an amazing job at making my ideas a reality. I know that an old sheet thrown across the table still does the job but the kids absolutely love their new little house where they can open and close the curtains and door and peg out the washing on their own little line. The best bit for me is that it’s guaranteed to keep them entertained as soon as I put it up. They drag their quilts in or their cooker and play food and they’re busy for ages while I get on with other jobs…and at the end of the day I can fold it away into a small tote bag which fits into the toy box. Perfect!

Why not check out the HeartsnButtons Facebook or Etsy page, and contact Pati for bespoke orders.

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