A couple of weeks ago Gwennan turned one! How quickly has this year flown by?! I know it’s a cliché, but it doesn’t seem more than a couple of months ago that she was born and it has definitely seemed to pass by quicker than with either of the other two.

We spent her birthday at the Pembrokeshire County Show as a family. We didn’t have a party, but she did join in with a dinner we were hosting in the evening and enjoyed her first taste of chocolate cookie!

At one year old:

// Gwennan is a really happy and chilled out baby. She is happy to sit and play, although she like to be close to Josh or me and is very wary of strangers!

// I am still breastfeeding her and she normally has two or three feeds a day, and at night if she wakes up. Her routine is a bit hit and miss because she just has to fit in with whatever everyone else is doing, but she normally has one long nap per day. She rarely settles in the evenings and doesn’t go to sleep until about 9pm, but once asleep will normally sleep until the morning.
She likes most foods and generally has whatever we’re eating.

// She is crawling confidently, pulling herself up to standing and has two bottom teeth with the top two imminently on their way!

// She can say one word…’hiya!’ and will use it in all contexts!!

// She happily plays with her toybox but loves her sisters and generally wants to be in on the action wherever they are. She loves to play ‘catch’ with her light up ball but hates getting dressed or having her nappy changed.

Life is about to change all over again with Alys starting school in September so I’m hoping we can all get into a bit more of a routine and hopefully reclaim our evenings!

Gwennan is such a joy and I can’t wait to see her grow and develop further in the coming months.

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