November Round-Up

Wow! What a whirlwind month November has been, full of busyness, goodbyes and new beginnings. Here are some highlights:

// We started off the month in half term. I don’t normally enjoy school holidays all that much as I miss the routine and the solo parenting days can seem long, but Josh took some time off and we had such a nice and relaxed week. We spent a couple of days at the new house running errands, but also played on the beach, visited St David’s and went to Folly Farm.

// The girls were all well for most of the month and have been in really good moods which is great!

// Josh’s mum came to visit, which was a fun weekend.

// We got busier and busier as the month went on and moving day approached. Josh worked a lot and I tried to sort the house and manage the kids at the same time. Thankfully our movers packed for us so I didn’t have to contend with boxes as well!

// We finally moved on the 20th! The last two weeks have been pretty busy and exhausting, not helped by the fact that we’ve all had a really nasty cold. Alys and Gwennan both have it pretty bad at the moment so we’re not getting much sleep. The house is great though and I’m enjoying making it a home.

// We had a lovely send off from our old church on the 26th November. It was sad to be saying good-bye to those that have supported us over the last three years, but at least we haven’t moved too far away.

// Gwennan started sleeping through the night pretty consistently this month and did her first laugh on the 26th November.

// Ivy has started at her new school and we’ve been so proud of how brave she’s been and how well she’s settled in. She has to get a bus which has caused a couple of upsets – five does seem very young to be going off on a bus by herself but it’s only until January when they move into a closer building!

Josh starts his new job on the 5th December so we’ve got a few more days to enjoy settling in before the madness of Christmas fully hits. Things all seem a bit strange at the moment as we work our way round a new place. I’m finishing the month feeling a bit worn down through illness and tiredness, but I’m looking forward to seeing what December brings.

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