March Round-up

How is it time for another monthly round up already?! I have so many plans and ideas for this blog but I never seem to have the time to write posts as the days fly by and it sits firmly at the bottom of my to-do pile. One day I will have more time for hobbies, but in the mean-time I want to keep a record of what were up to even if I don’t have time to write much else!

March has been a month of exhaustion. Gwennan and Alys both got colds and were really congested which meant that we have been up multiple times every night. That, combined with super busy days has meant that it has felt like a endurance marathon at times. On paper life is exactly where we want it, and I wouldn’t want to change our circumstances but three children and five churches is hard work and we’re so so tired. Our to-do lists have been endless and Gwennan hasn’t been settling in the evenings so our downtime has been minimal. Honestly, I’ve reached my saturation point of doing chores and having children ask things of me! When I feel like this I know it’s time for a break so thankfully we’re able to have some time away after Easter…I need it for my sanity!

Although that sounds negative, this month has been very productive as we’ve just been pushing through the exhaustion! Some highlights included:

// The Beast from the East part 1 and 2 provided some snow days for us which are extremely rare in Pembrokeshire.  The girls loved playing in the snow (for a time!) and I enjoyed the enforced slow paced days, although it did cause some chaos with plans and services having to be changed.

// Our car has finally been fixed after someone crashing into us in January. The insurance companies have been procrastinating all this time, and we thought it might be a write-off but we finally got it back yesterday and managed to update the MOT today. It’s all been a massive stress so I’m glad that’s over!

// We managed our first no-child date in over eight months for Josh’s birthday which was amazing!

// Church life has been busy but good. We’ve had some family services, another church lunch and I created a new website.

// Gwennan starting rolling over on the 10th March.

You can keep up with our day-to-day adventures, including our holiday over on Instagram.

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