Little Corners of the Vicarage

It has been four months since we moved to The Vicarage.

People keep asking me if we’ve settled in but the time has flown by so quickly that I’ve hardly had time to decide whether I feel settled or not. As we’re still living in the same sort of area we keep in contact with our old friends and I think we’ve just slotted into this new place quite naturally.

One thing I do know is that I love our new house. I realised that I haven’t really posted many photos on the blog yet so I thought (if you’re nosey like me) you might like to see a few little corners of our new home…

Becky Bettesworth Dartmoor Art Shelf Styling

We are so blessed to have this house as part of Josh’s job. It’s a four bedroom new(ish) build and it’s just beyond anything we could ever hope to afford ourselves! We’ve never lived in a modern house before and I’m really enjoying having a blank canvas to work with where everything feels fresh and clean.

Over the last ten years when furnishing our homes we’ve always used second hand items or gone for the cheap option.  However, in order to fill our new larger space this time we decided to invest in a few nicer statement pieces of furniture that we will be able to keep for a lifetime. I really love interiors and homemaking so it has been really fun to make some of my Pinterest boards a reality and for the first time ever I feel really happy with the way things look. That might sound a bit shallow, but I do gain a lot of enjoyment from our surrounding and using our home to bless others is one of my greatest joys.

My ‘style’ is fairly minimalist, bright and Scandinavian with a few antiques thrown in. Over the last few years I have been trying to declutter quite significantly and I really like the idea that anything that is kept and/or displayed is either chosen for it’s beauty or sentimental value. Less is more in my opinion.

The antique bureau in the kitchen is the same one that stood in my parents kitchen throughout my childhood, and the vintage wooden school desk in Ivy’s room was hiding away in the garage when we arrived!

We’ve had lots of fun making this house a home so far. Our next project is the garden which is currently completely covered in gravel – hopefully by the summer we’ll have a lovely grassed area for the children to play!

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