June Round-Up

Another month has rushed by already! June was a fairly ‘normal’ month for us with nothing particularly exciting happening. Josh was pretty snowed under with work for the first few weeks of the month so my time was spent keeping the home fire’s burning and looking after poorly children. Here’s some highlights from the month:

// We started the month down in Devon for the end of the half term holiday (as I wrote in last month’s update).

// We’ve had some fabulous weather and Josh has enjoyed being able to use his moth trap in the garden. We’ve really loved using our new garden and having the space available for the children to play outside. We’ve had lots of fun in the paddling pool, with the fire pit and just relaxing in the shade with a good book and some delicious snacks!

// Alys had some sort of coldy virus in the middle of the month with a high fever. She then passed it on to Gwennan and Josh so a couple of weeks have been spent with poorly and grumpy children/husbands! Thankfully my diary was pretty clear anyway so it just gave an excuse to have more quiet garden days!
Gwennan started crawling properly on the 28th June!

// We did have some days out and walks, a couple of trips to Tenby, Stackpole Walled Gardens and the beach.

// Work wise things have been busy – the highlights being a good outdoor service and BBQ, a church lunch at our house.

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