July & August Round-up

How is it September already?! The summer holidays have passed really quickly and I’m proud of myself for getting out and about with the kids on my own. I faced the six week holiday with slight trepidation as it’s not easy to keep three children entertained on my own most days, as well as keeping them out of Josh’s way as he tries to work from home. However, it’s gone really well and the children have had a varied and action packed few weeks!


// I write this about most months, but July was busy! The first three weeks were filled with baby groups and church stuff as well as end of term school activities. I also managed several child free outings and dates which is unusual and most welcome (especially before the full-on school holidays). We managed a child-free Saturday walking along the coast path and relaxing on the beach, and also enjoyed a posh gifted afternoon tea another weekend.

// The weather continued to be amazing at the start of the month so we spent more time out in the garden and at the beach.

// We welcomed in the summer holidays with Ivy getting some sort of chesty infection which she kindly shared with  me. She had croup so I was up a lot with her in the night which meant we were all pretty exhausted. We then went straight down to Devon to meet some friends for a couple of days and the exhaustion continued as Gwennan was teething and, for one night didn’t settle until 4am!
We’re pretty used to awful sleep deprivation though so we still enjoyed our short time in Devon, with a fleeting visit to Wiltshire to see family on the way home.


// We had a few days of activities at home before Josh’s sister and her family arrived for a few days. The girls loved seeing their cousins and we spent time on the beach with them as well as celebrating our eleventh wedding anniversary.

// I filled the next two weeks with lots of activities and social meet ups as I had the children on my own most days. It was really fun although tricky trying to get the balance between entertaining the children and wearing them out too much, especially as the weather wasn’t great! I drank too much coffee and gave myself anxiety for three days(!) so I’m trying to cut down on caffeine again!!
Gwennan started pulling herself up to standing on the 9th August.

// We had a fun birthday weekend when we celebrated Gwennan’s first birthday at the Pembrokeshire County Show and then my birthday by going to a food festival and a sunflower field to take some photos a few days later. Several visitors came to see us towards the end of the month so it was good to catch up with family.

// I am finishing the month feeling really exhausted due to the combination of busyness and sleep deprivation. Gwennan has been running a fever (teething?) and Alys never sleeps well so the final week of the holidays hasn’t been as positive as I’d hoped. I’d planned some quiet activities like blackberry picking and nature walking but I just haven’t had the energy to get them all out of the house, which leads to the inevitable boredom bickering! I think we’re all looking forward getting back into a school-time routine.
The coming month will bring some significant change as Alys starts school part time. I won’t know what to do with my extra free time!



  1. Charlotte Adams
    September 2, 2018 / 3:18 pm

    I feel really blessed to have meet you and your lovely family.
    Your blog is so eloquent and insightful.

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