Guest Room Essentials

The count down to Christmas is now well and truly on, and many of us will be welcoming guests into our homes over the next couple of weeks. One of my most popular posts on my old blog was an article about what to include in a guest bedroom, so I thought I would re-share it now. You definitely don’t need a specific spare room in order to show hospitality and open up your home to others, but by including some of the following you can make your guest’s stay a little bit more comfortable:

Suitable Bedding
Although bedding is an obvious inclusion for a bedroom make sure that it is suitable for your guests. Consider the season (you don’t want them to be too hot or cold) and make sure they have enough pillows (they can remove them if there are too many!).

Towels and Rail
Not everyone will bring their own towels so make sure they have obvious access to some, and make sure they are as big as possible! It’s also helpful to create somewhere guests can hang their towels after use – there is nothing worse than having to leave a wet towel on the floor.

I have put together a bucket of toiletries in case our guests have forgotten anything. It includes everything you’d need in a shower, tooth brushes and paste, a comb and tissues.

This is easily forgotten, but can be annoying for guests if they have nowhere to put their rubbish.

It’s nice for guests to have a reading light and to be able to turn a light off and on from bed.

Although most people will use a mobile phone as an alarm clock I like to provide one just in case – just make sure it does not tick!

It’s always nice for guests to be able to check their appearance and fix their hair in a mirror – even if it’s only a small one.

Try to provide somewhere guests can hang up clothes, especially if they are staying for a few days. Also think about clearing out some drawer space for them.

You might like to provide some food and drinks in case your guests get hungry in the night and don’t feel comfortable searching around your kitchen. I have gone for a simple option of providing bottled water and a vintage sweet jar.

I provide a few magazines on our bedside table for guests to read before bed.

What things do you like to place in a guest room? I’d love to hear your ideas.


  1. December 27, 2017 / 11:39 am

    Oh I love the idea of providing some snacks and drinks in case people don’t want to go to the kitchen by themselves! Never even though of it

  2. Valerie Willcox
    August 21, 2018 / 11:24 pm

    I include all of the items you have included in my two guest rooms, plus a hairdryer, a basket with special soaps/face clothes/lavender water. As well as magazines (Pembrokeshire Life! National Geographic, and Homes and Gardens), I like to leave some Classic books. If you have space it is great to provide an ottoman so guests can put their cases on them and off of the floor.

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