Getting Started with Essential Oils

I first heard about essential oils three years ago. I’d researched how toxic candles and air fresheners were but didn’t want to go without any fragrances in our home so I was drawn to the idea of essential oils as a chemical-free alternative and bought a starter kit with a diffuser and twelve different oils.

Over the next three years I began to learn more about oils, and how their uses went far beyond their fragrance. I began to research more into their benefits for immunity, emotional and sleep support and how they could be used in lots of different ways around our home for cleaning, cooking and in toiletries.
At the beginning of 2018 I made a resolution to ditch all the toxins in our home, and made a commitment not to buy anymore ‘conventional’ chemical filled products. The last few months have been a learning curve, but my essential oils have really come into their own as I began to make a lot of my own beauty and cleaning products. They have truly transformed our health and home and I use them every day in a variety of different ways and even have a little pouch of oils that I carry when I’m out and about!

Whenever I mention how we’ve been using essential oils I get a variety of questions about them. I will be writing more specific posts regarding how we’ve got toxin free in each area of our lives, but I thought it would be helpful to start with a more basic reference guide which will hopefully cover your questions!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants that capture their ‘essence’; their scent, flavour and their goodness. Oils are typically extracted through careful steam distillation that ensures all the important, therapeutic, and health-giving constituents of the oil remain intact. However some oils are cold-pressed from the rind, and others can be tapped directly from the tree!

How can I use essential oils?

The molecules that make up oils are so tiny that they can be easily absorbed into the body within minutes. Oils can be used topically (applied to the skin) using a carrier oil or inhaled using a cold water diffuser. There are also lots of way they can be incorporated into products around the home.

Where should I buy essential oils?

It’s sometimes hard to know where to start with going toxin free because there are so many options available. BUT if you’re wanting to start out with essential oils you must hear this – not all oils are created equal. Just because a bottle of oil is labelled ‘pure’ doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain any synthetics or any other nasties. Whenever we put anything synthetic in or on our bodies it is perceived as a toxin and is super hard for our bodies to process.  All too often people reach for products enhanced with essential oils because they think they will be beneficial, but sadly these synthetic oils actually work against our bodies.

After researching around I discovered Young Living essential oils and I love their products. Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade, meaning, they work with your body, not against it. Not only this, Young Living is a part of the entire process from “Seed to Seal” for every one of their oils. From the selecting of the seed, ensuring the soil the crops are planted in have never been touched with pesticides or herbicides, to the harvesting, distilling and bottling, Young Living oversee each step. This careful attention to distillation guarantees that the correct temperature is used for the correct amount of time so that every constituent in the oil is intact. They go above and beyond to guarantee that every drop of oil is what they call “beyond organic” and that’s so reassuring to me as I use oils around my home, on my body and on my children!

How do I get started?

If you are interested in using essential oils for a specific purpose then please do get in touch with me! I would love to chat with you and share how we’ve been using oils.


One of the best ways to get started with Young Living Essential Oils is to invest in one of their ‘starter kits‘. You get a diffuser and twelve of the most popular Young Living essential oils plus some great samples for £139.80 (+p&p) if you become a member. I get it if that seems a lot of money to you – especially if it’s something you don’t already use – but if you buy all the oils and diffuser separately it would retail at over £400 so you’re saving a lot of money buying them together. I use my premium starter kit oils weekly, if not daily and DIY my own toxin free products for a fraction of the price of shop bought alternatives. The oils also last for ages as you only use a few drops at a time so it’s well worth investing in quality which will benefit you long term.

You don’t have to become a member of Young Living to buy their products, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t?! By being a member you get a 24% discount on everything, plus loads of support and access to a private Facebook group all about essential oils. There are zero targets, and no pressure to buy anything. Plus, if you share your love for your Young Living essential oils with your friends, and they buy oils too, Young Living sends you a thank you cheque!

If you would like to get started with essential oils then click this link which will take you through to a sign up page where you can then purchase your starter kit or other oily products!

If you have any more questions then get in touch. I hope this is the start of your oily journey!

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