February Round-Up

February was a really busy month for us and as a result it seemed to fly by! Here’s some of what we got up to:

// We spent a weekend with family near Gloucester for Josh’s Dad’s birthday which was really fun, and it was nice to escape Pembrokeshire for a bit. It feels like we haven’t travelled anywhere for ages!

// For the first three weeks of the month I kept myself really busy with going for play dates and baby groups. I also enjoyed some quiet days at home with Alys and Gwen which were lovely. Josh has been really busy with work but we managed a date to Carmarthen to see The Greatest Showman, and a few evenings with friends too.

// We hosted our first ‘church lunch’ which went off really well. We had about 25 people and enough food! (I need to buy some more chairs for next time!!)

// We started weaning Gwennan, but she really isn’t interested! I also potty trained Alys – horray! Once we switched her to proper pants it only took a day or so for it to click so it was all pretty painless in the end!

// Josh took some time off for half term and we had a holiday at home. We tried to get out and about most days to make it feel more like a holiday, but also wanted to be on a budget. Thankfully we managed to get free entry into attractions for three days out of five so we could indulge and warm up with coffee and cake most days!
We also explored more of our local area (especially the beaches!) and visited a local farm to see their lambs, which was a highlight for the girls. It was a really fun time.

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