December Round-up

December has been a whirlwind of settling in to our new home and festive fun.

// Josh was licensed to his five churches on the 5th December so he was really busy trying to get to grips to his new job and meeting lots of people, as well as conducting endless Christmas related activities.

// The week of Josh’s licensing was a bit ridiculous; none of the girls were sleeping, Josh got bitten by a dog, our oven broke and our front door window smashed. It definitely felt a bit overwhelming!

// Ivy was really busy with school activities and continued to settle into her new environment. She had a few days when she didn’t want to go on the bus but has mostly done really well.
Alys got hand, foot and mouth so we had to cancel a few plans in the middle of the month.

// We didn’t really have much time off but managed to explore some of the beautiful area around us.

// I got a new car and have been practicing driving after three years of not being behind the wheel at all. I hate driving but it is necessary out in the countryside.

// Christmas has been manic but good. Josh had six services between Christmas eve and Christmas day, and we hosted my parents too. We had a flying overnight visit to Wiltshire and hosted Josh’s parents over the New Year’s weekend.

2017 has passed so quickly. Most of our days have passed pretty simply but we have still been busy; we haven’t taken many trips or had many visitors but child care has made the days pass in a blur. I spent nearly eight months of the year feeling horrendously sick or exhausted with anaemia and then we had the excitement and joy of welcoming a new member of the family and moving house. We’ve had some lovely days out and really enjoyed the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside as well as County Kerry on our family holiday in June.  The girls have grown and flourished and parenting has (mostly!) been a joy this year.

2018 holds so much potential and change for us as a family. I can’t wait to see what it brings! Happy New Year friends x

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