Daily Rhythm Printable

Just a few short months ago, at the beginning of 2020 no one could have predicted what a strange and uncertain time we were about to enter into.
Tomorrow, we begin home-schooling our 3 children for an unknown amount of time. A small sacrifice compared to many front-line workers and bereaved families but a change none the less.

It’s funny because our journey into sustainability has lead me down a path of researching some ‘alternative’ ways of educating the past few months. Looking up sustainable and eco-friendly toys lead me into finding Steiner education and I really like how intuitive and gentle it seems. A lot of what I have read about un-schooling really resonates too. Part of me is excited for this opportunity to implement some of the ideas I have been reading about.

However, I am organised to my core and I know that we are going to need some sort of routine to keep us all sane over the next few weeks and months. My aim is not to be a ‘shouty mum’ and to shield the children from this strange and stressful time as much as possible by making it fun and novel. I know myself well enough to know that in order for things to run smoothly I need to keep the house relatively tidy and plan in advance so I’m not scrambling for resources while the children moan and ask for snacks in the background!

With that in mind I have created a little printable daily rhythm card which I can stick in my planning book each night and think through activities for the following day.
I have made it available for everyone to download and print in PDF form by clicking HERE.

I would love to hear what you’re planning on doing with your children over the next little while – let’s all share ideas and activities over on INSTAGRAM.

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