April & May Round-up

Hello! You may have noticed that things have been quiet on the blog recently. Well, I haven’t been able to access my site for a few weeks and it turns out I had been hacked! How annoying…but after a couple of hours chatting to tech support I am back online and ready to get posting again!

I am very behind on posting life-updates, but here goes with a recap of the last couple of months!

// If I’m being honest April was a hard month. Remember how back in March I wrote “Our to-do lists have been endless and Gwennan hasn’t been settling in the evenings so our downtime has been minimal. Honestly, I’ve reached my saturation point of doing chores and having children ask things of me! When I feel like this I know it’s time for a break so thankfully we’re able to have some time away after Easter…I need it for my sanity!”?

Basically we were really exhausted and run down so we started off the month with a 11 day break away to Wiltshire and Dartmoor. It was really nice to be away together and we had a nice time, but I’m sure parents of young children can sympathise that sometimes a family holiday is just the same, but somewhere different. Do you know what I mean!?
I hurt my neck and the kids still didn’t sleep while we were away so we came back still feeling completely exhausted and I hit the wall a bit because it was back to reality without a holiday to look forward to!

// Despite the exhaustion our trip away was really fun. We stayed in an amazing Jane Austen-esque house in Wiltshire with beautiful period features, and a cosy thatched Dartmoor cottage. We had some good family time, some lovely walks and other days out.

// Alys turned three at the end of April! We had a quiet day with lots of yummy food. She also started a playgroup two mornings a week which has been great for both of us and I’m starting to get much more of a weekly routine now. Gwennan also started sitting up by herself on the 15th April.

// Thankfully May brought with it better weather, better sleep and better moods!
Pembrokeshire burst into life as Spring began in earnest and we had quite a few adventures out and about exploring the absolutely stunning spring wildflowers, dragging the kids out for a sunrise walk and enjoying evenings on the beach. Josh has been very busy with work, especially on weekends now it’s wedding season, so the girls and I have also been having some adventures of our own to the local attractions and wildlife park.

// I decided to have a full house spring clean so the first three weeks of May were spent turning out every drawer and cupboard and having a good old sort out. We also had our garden completely re-done which has been great (I love it and will do a full post on it soon). Most of the month felt like we were in the ‘worse before it gets better’ stage of sorting but it was worth it in the end!

//The last few days of May were half term so we set off to Devon to see my parents and had a good time despite getting a sick-bug.

Don’t forget you can always follow along with our daily adventures on Instagram, where you can also see captions for some of the photos included in this post!


  1. June 29, 2018 / 2:01 pm

    Your photos are so lovely! Spring cleaning is a great deal of work but it always feels so good to have the task done!

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