An Introduction to the Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit

If you’ve been around here for any length of time you’ll have heard me speak about Young Living essential oils and how we’ve been using them in our home. You might have also heard me mention the ‘starter kit’ and what a cost effective way it is to begin using oils to go toxin free across your home/life.

I often get questions about the kit so I thought I would put it all down in writing for those who are interested!

{If you know nothing about essential oils and how to use them it might be helpful for you to read this introductory post: Getting Started with Essential Oils. It also explains why I have chosen Young Living essential oils}

So why should you care about the Young Living starter kit? If you are interested in making a toxin-free lifestyle change then it is likely you’ll want to buy more than a couple of different essential oils, for cleaning, immunity/ wellness support, skin support and more. Of course, you can buy individual bottles and slowly build up your supply, but the main benefit of the starter kit is the overall saving of over £250 by getting it together all at once. The twelve different oils included will also give you a really good basis to start building your new toxin-free lifestyle.

What does it cost? The Dewdrop Starter kit costs £153.47 including postage (although check with me about current offers). By buying everything separately you would be spending over £400.

What do you get in a Starter Kit? Included in the kit is a diffuser, and twelve different essential oils, as well as a roller-ball top, some empty sample bottles and samples of an antioxidant drink called Ningxa Red.
It is also worth noting that by becoming a member of Young Living you also get

  • 24% off everything
  • access to a really great Facebook community giving advice on oils and toxin free living
  • ongoing support from me if needed, as well as a welcome pack with lots of advice, recipes and information on how to use oils safely

{Becoming a ‘member’ is free and there is absolutely no commitment to buying any other products. There is an option of earning commission by recommending the products to others, but this is totally up to you.}

The kit in detail:

The Dewdrop Diffuser: A diffuser is a really easy way using essential oils, for both their smell and their therapeutic qualities. It is an immediate way you can easily cut out toxic air-fresheners or candles, and it is the only thing I use to fragrance our home.
Diffusers are fairly common place now, but one thing to look out for is that it is made with ‘medical grade’ materials. Some essential oils can degrade plastics so if it is not medical grade then you might end up diffusing plastic chemicals around your home! All of Young Living’s diffusers contain medical grade plastic and metal.

Lemon: This powerhouse oil is calming and mood boosting diffused, as well as being a natural cleaner (we use it everyday in our dishwasher powder). It is incredibly effective at removing sticky residues and cutting through grease. I also like it in DIY personal care products like a sugar scrub. However you use it, all citrus oils are good at busting nasty microorganisms, so it may help support your immune system.

R.C (Respiratory Care): This is one of my ‘can’t live without’ oil blends. It is amazing at opening up the respiratory system, so is one to use if you have any sort of congestion. A drop on your chest with carrier oil, or a couple of drops in the diffuser will make a huge amount of difference. My husband uses it when he has a reaction to dust, and apparently it’s good at stopping snoring too!

Thieves: This famous oil blend contains five different essential oils all known for their cleaning and purifying abilities. During lab testing it was shown to get rid of 99.96% of airborne bacteria, so having it diffused around your house can be extremely beneficial. Does your air-freshener have that added bonus!? You could also use it topically as part of your wellness routine, or incorporate it into DIY cleaners.
We use it daily for diffusing, in a wellness roller (containing Thieves, Frankincense and Lemon) and in our dishwasher powder, as well as several Thieves infused products like the Thieves Household Cleaner, mouthwash, laundry soap and dish-liquid.

Panaway: This oil is great for the muscular and skeletal system. You could apply it after a workout, or wherever you have discomfort and tension. My favourite uses are for a relaxing massage, or used with Epsom salts in the bath to help tired muscles.

Purification: This is another of my ‘can’t live without’ oil blends. It is very effective at eliminating odours and leaving a lovely fresh scent so it has many uses. We diffuse it regularly as well as using it anywhere that doesn’t smell great – a couple of drops in stinky shoes, the bin or on the inside of the toilet roll works wonders!
I use it very day as a replacement for fabric softener. A couple of drops on dryer balls, or in a linen spray leaves our clothes with a beautiful delicate scent.
It also contains lavender so it is great for calming the mind and soothing the skin, but could also be good at deterring bugs as it contains lemon grass and citronella.

Peppermint: A well known oil, perfect in the diffuser for an energising boost and to help increase focus. It’s also great at clearing the airways (I create a chest rub from RC and peppermint). A drop on the back of your neck during the summer is also great to cool you down!

Orange+: Young Living have a range of ‘plus’ oils which have a white label. This means they have been approved for internal use, so you could use Orange+ in your drinking water, or to make chocolate orange brownies! {It’s worth noting that Lavender, Thieves, Peppermint and Lemon have also been approved as plus oils too).
Orange is also great for cleaning (we use it in our dishwashing powder), as well as immunity and respiratory support. I also regularly use it in the diffuser or in homemade perfume rollerballs as it is a very calming and mood boosting oil.

Lavender: Everyone knows about Lavender right?! Many of the bottles you will find on the highstreet are fake or adulterated versions, but this is the real deal! We use it ever day to support the children’s sleep (either in the diffuser or diluted and applied with a roller bottle), it’s truly relaxing used with bath salts, and it’s also great to sooth the skin, or in DIY self care products.
I’ve also heard amazing things about applying Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint on to the tip of the nose for those that struggle with pollen in the springtime.

Frankincense: This famous oil has over ten thousand uses(!), but we use it daily to support our immune systems. It is very calming and relaxing used in the diffuser. I often use it with coconut oil as a DIY moisturiser as it is fantastic for skin support, especially if you have any blemishes or marks you want to minimise.

Stressaway: I use this oil blend every day in varying ways. It is Young Living’s number one emotional support oil, and does what it says on the tin. It is great for calming, grounding and easing feelings of stress or anxiousness. I diffuse it and wear it as a perfume, and it works at calming the kids down too. Love it!

Copaiba: This is a very gentle resin oil but it’s a powerhouse! It’s perfect for tired joints and muscles applied topically or used with bath salts. It helps produce a peaceful atmosphere when diffused, or use topically to support the body’s response to injury or discomfort.

Digize: You probably wouldn’t want to diffuse this oil blend but it’s great in supporting gut health. So many diseases can be linked back to the gut so it’s important to keep it happy! You can apply this oil topically to the abdomen daily, or especially when you have over-indulged or have some other digestive issue.

As you can see this kit is incredibly versatile and will help you to make toxin free swaps across your home. If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these starter kits, or if you have any other questions about going toxin free then please email me, or click this link which will take you through to a Young Living sign up page where you can then purchase your starter kit or other oily products!

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